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Lewisburg Dental Care That’s More Than Just Smile Care

There’s no other way to put this — whole-body health begins with your smile. What does this have to do with finding exceptional dental care in Lewisburg? Let us show you.

It might seem like a strange concept at first. But, when you start to think about it, everything in your body is connected and reliant upon one another to maintain optimal oral and overall health.

Your mouth is connected to your jaw, which is attached to your neck… you see where this is going. Your oral health, specifically your periodontal (gum) health, can actually affect what’s happening elsewhere in your body.

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Healthy Smile. Healthy Body. Happy You.

When we look inside your mouth, we aren’t just searching for cavities or decay and then sending you on your way. We don’t simply provide dental services in Lewisburg; we’re more interested in getting to know our Central Pennsylvania neighbors personally and taking good care of you — not just treating and cleaning your teeth. This powerful connection we talk about that combines oral and overall health is why we do what we do. We care about all of YOU.

We can see a lot of what’s going on within your body simply by examining what’s happening in your mouth. Your dentist can detect:

  • Any underlying health issues, medications, or stress have been impacting your gums or teeth.
  • Early signs of disease such as oral cancer, immune disorders, and hormonal issues.
  • Any gum disease, that could lead to future heart issues, inflammation, stroke, and more.
  • Problems with your bite like orthodontic issues or malocclusion that are causing you to experience headaches, migraines, and jaw problems.

Point blank: If you want to enjoy overall wellness, you need to make dental care a part of your regular routine. It could save your life. Your Lewisburg dentist keeps your teeth healthy and your smile bright, but we can also proactively treat any issues to stop them from becoming larger dental or overall health problems.

Union Dental Health provides comprehensive care in a convenient location that’s accessible to patients from across the Susquehanna Valley. Any dental service you could need or want is available to you, through us, under one roof. No specialist visits or referrals required. If time has taken its toll on your teeth, and you need more than cleanings or minor fillings, we can help. Our dental services in Lewisburg are provided to you with the utmost care and compassion. Let us show you how we can restore your smile, bring back function and balance, and take years off your appearance and help you live a healthier, longer life. Who knew dental care could do all that?

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