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Invisalign® in the Susquehanna Valley

We’re Discreetly Straightening Smiles Using Clear Braces

You’ve probably seen the commercials, or maybe you even know someone who’s had success using Invisalign® clear braces. Have you ever wondered what they could do for you and your smile? It’s time to find out.

More Free Time

One of the biggest benefits of coming to Union Dental Health for Invisalign® in Lewisburg is that you’ll actually have more time on your hands to do what you love. You won’t need to worry about missing school or work because you’re always going back and forth to the orthodontist for adjustments. We provide you with your custom clear braces or aligners that you can easily change on your own at home. You simply wear them for a couple of weeks and get your next sets at your regular visits to our office.

Keep Living Life

You simply want to straighten your smile, so why should you put your personal life on hold for doing something that’s a big benefit to your oral and even overall health? Keep living your life without having to give up the foods and activities you love so much.

Treatment with Invisalign® in Lewisburg also allows you to:

  • Keep brushing and flossing without worrying about damaging your braces
  • Avoid emergency appointments when wires or brackets suddenly break
  • Fix your crooked teeth or bite issues without anyone noticing

There are so many reasons to trust Invisalign® to transform your teeth from crowded to incredible. Talk to us about how to get started!

Effective and Efficient

Our team has helped numerous teens and adults have healthier, straighter smiles by using Invisalign® in Lewisburg. It’s their go-to orthodontic solution (and the world’s #1 choice for clear braces) for so many rave-worthy reasons such as:

  • It’s backed by innovative, smile-straightening research
  • Amazing results can occur in as little as six months
  • Clear braces are more comfortable than metal braces
  • You can take your aligners out to eat or play sports
  • They’re made of a durable SmartTrack material
  • They don’t interfere with your life or diet
  • You get customized care for a stunning, straighter smile
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