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Lewisburg Botox® & Juvederm®

One Visit With Us Can Relieve Pain (And Erase Wrinkles)

You may have heard the hype about Juvederm and Botox in Lewisburg, but did you know that there’s more to the benefits of these regenerative treatments than just looking years younger?

While dermal fillers are more popular, more widely used than ever before across the Susquehanna Valley, so many patients don’t know that we can provide powerful pain relief with pain-free injections. At Union Dental Health, we have a specially trained aesthetic nurse who can safely administer both Juvederm and Botox in Lewisburg.

We’ve helped our patients have a better quality of life providing relief from facial pain caused by bruxism or TMJ issues to more aesthetic results for facial rejuvenation and balancing a “gummy smile.” Talk to us about your options.

Finally, Feel Free From TMJ Pain with Botox® Relief

Are you fighting temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain every day? Do you mask your discomfort with medicine day in and day out? If you’re like one of the millions of Americans struggling with TMJ pain or something called temporomandibular disorder (TMD), ask us about the many benefits of this proven type of Botox® in Lewisburg. 

Your discomfort stems from muscular pain due to hyperactivity or the everyday act of chewing your food. We understand how much this type of pain can alter and make life more difficult and downright miserable. It’s time you finally experienced the relief you’ve been searching for and hoping to achieve. It’s here, and thanks to our advanced aesthetics training, we’re providing life-changing Lewisburg Botox® therapy.

Botox® and Bruxism: It’s Time to Minimize the Grind

Have you ever heard your Lewisburg dentist or hygienist use the term “bruxism”? It’s a term dental health professionals, and physicians often use to describe a condition where a patient unconsciously grinds or clenches their teeth — you could be either awake or asleep. Chronic teeth grinding can often lead to other painful side effects or conditions like: 

  • Frequent headaches
  • Earaches and ringing
  • Facial pain
  • Severe migraines

How does Lewisburg Botox® therapy help? Thanks to our advanced aesthetics training, we can rely on minimal injections designed to reduce the force and feel of the muscle contractions that allow you to grind and clench your teeth. Combined with a custom night guard appliance, Botox® can bring you much-need pain relief.

Can Botox® Get Rid of Your “Gummy Smile”?

Does your lip rest high on your gums, exposing more of them than you would like? You might have what’s commonly called a “gummy smile,” and it can be improved using effective Botox® in Lewisburg. There are so many benefits to choosing this type of therapy, including:

  • It relaxes your upper lip muscles, so gums remain covered
  • It’s minimally invasive and quick, with no downtime necessary
  • Results generally last about three months and are fully effective in two weeks

With Botox® injections, you get the smile you’ve always wanted with more immediate results that are authentically appealing.

Is There Botox® in Lewisburg for Denture Patients? Yes!

Are you new to wearing your dentures, and they’re not as comfortable as you’d like them to be? It might seem a bit confusing, but what if we told you Botox® injections could be your solution for improvement. We have the advanced aesthetics training and are ready to show you all of the surprising ways our specialized Lewisburg Botox® therapy can help you, like:

– If your gum tissue is not easily adjusting to your new dentures as you get used to using them, consider Botox®. These minimally invasive, small injections can speed up your adjustment period for a more comfortable feeling and fit. 

– Your facial muscles might still feel uncoordinated or imbalanced as they adjust to compensate for chewing food with only a few teeth. Dentures make these muscles feel strained due to functional differences. Botox® will simply relax your muscles to allow them to adapt more quickly to the new changes in your smile.

Talk to us to learn more about your options!

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