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Is your smile missing a tooth or two? What if we told you that dental implants in Lewisburg combined with dental implant crowns are changing the way Central PA smiles?

Implant Dentistry: Restoring Smiles. Boosting Confidence.

At Union Dental Health, we believe in putting strong efforts into preventive care. We want you to enjoy a lifetime of optimal oral health with all or most of your natural teeth — there’s nothing that functions and feels quite like they do. However, there’s at least one alternative that comes pretty close, and that’s a dental implant. Complete with a titanium “tooth root,” your custom-created dental implant crown can replace missing teeth, and no one will ever be able to tell you’ve had work done.

For decades, we’ve been both placing and restoring dental implants. Both procedures are completed in the comfort of our office with the doctors and team you know and trust. You won’t be referred to a specialist or left to scour the Susquehanna Valley searching for one. You’ll be safe with us from start to finish for everything you need for dental implants in Lewisburg.

Other Innovative Implant Options

Beyond single-tooth implants, Union Dental Health also offers you other restorative options if you’re missing teeth. We can place something called a mini dental implant. It’s commonly used in your lower jaw to stabilize dentures or other implant-supported restorations.

Speaking of dentures, are you over yours because they’re always slipping and falling out? Or are your dentures downright uncomfortable, and you want something better? Our highly experienced team of doctors can end your denture dilemmas with two words: implant-retained dentures. They don’t require any messy adhesives or soaking overnight. You can finally eat the foods you’ve been avoiding for years due to denture drama. You’ll probably even speak more clearly, and you’ll certainly feel much more confident about your smile.

Technologically Advanced Implant Dentistry

Our dental implants in Lewisburg are placed and restored with added precision thanks to our amazing technology. It revolutionized dental care, and now it’s changing lives right here in Union County. Our office is equipped with:

  • CEREC – This computer-designed restorative technology allows treatments such as dental implant crowns, inlays, and onlays to be completed at one appointment. Forget about having to make multiple appointments or wearing temporary crowns. It comes complete with 3-D imaging and an on-site milling capability that takes virtual impressions of your prepared tooth before artfully crafting your permanent crown.
  • Cone Beam 3-D Imaging – This is a special type of CT scan that uses a cone-shaped beam to accurately map out the unique shape of your jaw and teeth. The images we get in return help us craft custom, perfectly-fitted beautiful dental implants in Lewisburg. An added bonus is that this type of scan is safer than a traditional CT scan because the precision beam and speed of the scan expose you to less radiation.

We’ve got the expertise and tools to make your smile healthy and whole again. It’s up to you to make the call and learn about how implant dentistry can positively impact your oral and overall health.

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